Trichotillomania - Hair Diseases and Jyotish (Astrology)

Astrology about Trichotillomania - Hair Diseases

Trichotillomania is a strange disease. Hair loss in this disease is generally out of intention. How?

I came across several kinds of hair diseases which cause hair fall or hair loss to both men and women in different styles. It was not possible to discuss all of them in a single article hence I chose to write dedicated articles for each hair disease. Trichotillomania was one such hair disease that I had never heard of!

A patient of Trichotillomania would pull off his or her hair intentionally causing hair loss. The hair loss could be threatening and may cause balding. The urge is uncontrollable. This appears more of a mental disease than physical.

They say it is caused due to overstressing or depression. Isn’t it similar to people who slap themselves when angry? I don’t know.

The patient doesn’t only pull out hair from the scalp but also from other parts of the body as if he/she enjoyed punishing himself/herself. An old man I knew was a teacher at some institute. Once there aroused a situation where there was no option but to beat the student. This person after beating the student felt so bad that he could not sleep that night until he punished himself by pinching hard in hand and beating himself.

Hair was nowhere involved in that case. Generally people won’t share such experiences particularly when they pull hair. Mental disorders are preferred as a secretive disease unless someone somehow gets a note of it. I won’t say they are wrong as it depends on the society as well. Sometimes the people around us are not supportive but this won’t help the patient either.

Unfortunately (or should I say fortunately), I don’t know anyone suffering from Trichotillomania or I could have come up with a horoscope (birth chart) as an example. My observations (according to astrology) on signs and symptoms and other important features are as follows: -   

  • Because it causes loss of hair, it should be considered a hair disease which according to me means the involvement of mercury (astrologers I have discussed with believe it should be Saturn, Venus, Sun, Rahu, ascendant etc., I could get no satisfactory answer from the internet forum so I will stick with mercury for hair, my research is on, once the results are confirmed I will publish it)
  • But hair was not unhealthy before getting pulled (I think healthy or unhealthy hair is not a concern hair, so involvement of immune system, malnutrition may or may not be there)
  • What triggered hair pulling was a particular state of mind (it should not happen without the involvement of moon, the aggression in behavior hints there should be mars somewhere effecting the critical areas in the birth chart, it is caused out of stress so let’s not forget Saturn)
  • Depression and stress due to negative attention, low self esteem (moon and Rahu will have a role to play in such cases)  

Ascendant is always an important house to consider in horoscope while analyzing any disease. It becomes more important as hair on the scalp is part of head. Though the patients of Trichotillomania will pull hair from eyelashes, eyebrows or other parts of their body, this article will focus mostly on the scalp. Other houses worth attention should be the sixth house of horoscope, twelfth house and the respective house lords.

Hair diseases, hair loss, hair fall and hair problems are so common that the internet should have been flooded with articles by medical astrologers. I am surprised to find that there are not many who have tried something on this subject.

Originally I wanted to write an article on hair diseases but I never knew there were so many of them. Though hair loss or hair fall could be the result for most of them, but the cause of hair diseases are not all the same. I thought it would be restricted to dandruff, lice or malnutrition but it was more than just what we witness in television advertisements.

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