What do the Stars Foretell for Narendra Modi

The future of Narendra modi and effect of Stars

What do the Stars Foretell for Narendra Modi
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Modi won a great victory in 2014 but now with another election due in 2019, the astrologers are having a field day. Will he win? This is the question

Modi won a great victory when the BJP on its own steam won over 280 seats in the Lok Sabha( lower house). It was a victory that had happened after 30 years and nobody expected Modi to ride home to victory on his own. At that time many astrologers had forecast his win but a bigger lot had said he would be hard-pressed to cobble a majority. 

 Now, this is history and people are looking forward to whether Modi can replicate his 2014 win in 2019. The entire opposition is ganging up against him and yet the political pundits are sure that Modi will win and be the PM for another term.

I will not go on what the political pundits are saying and will mention just one aspect of the horoscope of Modi and this I will say is alarming for him A look at the 12th house of Modi's chart shows that he has Saturn in a dominant position. Saturn, as we all know, is under certain circumstances a malefic planet. I will also add that the 12th house is also known as the "Napoleonic" house.  The great Napoleon Bonaparte had Saturn in the 12 house and everybody knows what happened to him.

Napoleon rose to great heights but had a precipitous fall. In other words, the 12 house with Saturn shows that a person rises to great glory and then has a sudden crash.

Napoleon from Emperor was reduced to POW of the English after his defeat at the hands of the Duke of Wellesley at Waterloo. Napoleon had Saturn in this house.

Narendra Modi has a similar chart and its ominous that for him also Saturn is not placed favorably. There is every chance that the Napoleonic House will affect him. There is a chance that after rising to great heights, Modi may well be beaten.

Astrology is a question of interpretation and I have touched only on one aspect of Modi and one house, which I feel is very significant. One sincerely hopes that what happened to Napoleon does not happen to him but then Astrology is nobody's friend. The position of Saturn haunted Napoleon, but he didn't believe it.

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The purpose of this article is to find out according to astrology, why Modi got such a big win in these elections. As of now I don’t know if I would be successful as I have not tried analyzing a celebrity chart ever before and when I tried it this time, there were certain challenges.

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