Jupiter in Second House of Horoscope

Importance of Jupiter in 2nd House of Horoscope

Jupiter is the karaka for Dhana (Money) while second house is called Dhana Sthana. “Karakobhavanashaya” is a principle that some astrologers strongly believe in. Does that mean Jupiter in the second house of horoscope will spoil the effects of second house? Financial aspects are analyzed through Jupiter and Second House apart from the other factors. What will happen if Jupiter is in the second house of horoscope of a native?

Jupiter is a benefic planet and the most benefic of all. Most of them believe Jupiter will produce good results for a native when placed in the second house of a horoscope. My question is – If in the horoscope of a person, Jupiter is in Capricorn in the second house of horoscope, will it be the same as Jupiter in second house of horoscope in Sagittarius. Certainly not!

Second house is considered for eating habits, speaking abilities, financial status etc. while Jupiter is for Son, husband (as some astrologers say), teacher, money, knowledge etc. Interesting point is – What if teacher finds money? I am not reaching to any conclusion.

This is just a question that can be answered depending on how you think.

If Jupiter is in Sagittarius in second house, this would mean Jupiter is also the lord of the fifth house. Fifth house lord Jupiter in second house of horoscope! What does that mean? Second house is also looked for family (kutumba sthana). Jupiter likes it big. Would that mean Jupiter in the second house of horoscope strong is an indicator of huge family (joint family)?

Jupiter combined with Saturn or Mars in the second house of horoscope could produce different results. Would that diminish the benefic effects of Jupiter? What if Jupiter in second house is in Capricorn under the aspect of Mars from the eighth house and Saturn from the twelfth house? This could be a very interesting combination.

Some would say the above mentioned combination as vipreeta rajyoga. I don’t believe in such terminologies. These terms were perhaps developed for the ease of understanding basics while people would just cram those names to appear intelligent in the discussions. My teacher always told me to stick to the basics and not to those glamorous names.

I don’t believe in Kalsarpa dosha, Manglik dosha etc. but what I look at is how the planet is placed, what are the aspects, combinations, lordships, position in divisional charts etc. Jupiter in second house of horoscope is also important as it aspects sixth house, eighth house and the tenth house. All the houses are important for career.

A strong Jupiter in the second house should certainly benefit an individual. What is meant by strong? There are methods demonstrated in astrological classics to find out if a planet is strong or weak. This would include the strength of the second house lord as well. If the second house lord is not in good position would that not impact the strength of Jupiter?

Jupiter is the karaka for Gyaan and second house is for Vaani (speech, speaking abilities). Does this positioning make one a great speaker? But the karaka for Vaani is Mercury. How does it help then? Does this placement give extra strength to mercury?

It is the beauty of astrology that no matter how much brainstorming you do, you still have a long way to go. All the astrologers may not have the same opinion. Twelve houses, twelve signs and nine planets! That’s all you have got to analyze so many things that happen in life. Is that so simple?



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