Jupiter in 12th (Twelfth) House of Horoscope

Significance of Jupiter in Vyaya Sthana

Jupiter in twelfth house of horoscope has not been considered good by many. Is it because Jupiter is a planet they analyze for money and twelfth house is for expenditure? Money is an important part of everyone’s lives hence Jupiter becomes an important planet if you wanted to know about your financial status. What if you had Jupiter in the twelfth house of your horoscope?

There are several factors when you analyze a planet in a particular house. It is not that Jupiter in the twelfth house of birth chart in Sagittarius would reflect the same results for two individuals with different placements. For example, a person with Jupiter in twelfth house in Sagittarius is with Rahu & under the aspect of Saturn and Mars and another person had Jupiter in twelfth house of horoscope in the same sign but with Venus and Mercury.

You know the results would be different. You would react differently with relatives, friends and family. Same thing applies to planets. Jupiter would have its own feeling for Sun, Moon, Mercury and the other planets.

You could have your own set of questions when considering Jupiter in the twelfth house.

One question was that Jupiter in the twelfth house was with which planet. The other question you would ask is Jupiter in the twelfth house is in which sign. With this question, there comes another question, Jupiter is the lord of which houses when placed in the twelfth house of horoscope.

For example if Jupiter is in twelfth house of your horoscope in Aries, this would mean that Jupiter is the lord of eighth house and eleventh house. At the same times it means Jupiter is in Chara Rashi, Agni Rashi, in the sign of Mars and whatever else you could collect. Marathi Astrologers and some other astrologers have laid stress on analyzing nakshatra.

Jupiter in the twelfth house of horoscope in Chara Rashi would behave differently than in a Sthir Rashi. Why? Learn more about types of zodiac signs and their importance as this is what is called the basics of astrology. There is more to signs as you should know whether Jupiter is debilitated, exalted, in a friendly sign, enemy’s sign etc.

Twelfth house of horoscope is called the Moksha Sthana and Jupiter is the most religious of all. Why then some astrologers would call Jupiter as badly placed in twelfth house of horoscope. Is it because Jupiter would supposedly broaden your range of interest in what is indicated by the twelfth house which is generally looked for expenditure. Is the factor or religious interest deviated? You decide.

It is not that all of them consider this placement as bad. There are certain astrologers who believe this placement (Jupiter in twelfth house) is excellent for religious achievements and such people are lucky, social etc. Though I do not believe in single statements yet I read them carefully so that I could have my questions to match with what I found in the books or over the internet.

There could be more questions to find out how Jupiter in the twelfth house would be for an individual. For example what is the position of Jupiter in the divisional charts particularly in the navamsa chart? Twelfth house of horoscope is considered for foreign travel as well. As a general rule they say that a weak twelfth house or malefic aspects on the twelfth house would make a person travel abroad.

Would Jupiter in the twelfth house create hurdles for foreign travel or would that mean a person making money in the foreign land? Eleventh house and eight house lord Jupiter in twelfth house with a Mars aspect, could that be yoga for foreign travel. What do you think? You may comment in the comment box below.

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