Mars in the Tenth (10th) House in Horoscope

Significance of Mars in 10th House in Horoscope

A lot has been said about Mars in the 10th house. It can produced some of the best results while it could make life miserable for some. Here is a fresh view on how this planet behaves when placed/posited in the 10th house of the horoscope of an individual.

Mars in the tenth house (10th house) in a horoscope and it has been experienced that the person will struggle the entire life to gain respect. The conditions become worse when a person chooses to work under someone. I have observed several horoscopes where Mars was in the 10th house and the individual was either not satisfied with his job or he/she quit the job due to improper tuning with the reporting manager or the boss. Things get worse when Mars is badly afflicted.

If Mars is so bad in the tenth house, then why do the books say that Mars is the best when placed in tenth? Mars is the planet of energy. Mars is the planet of enthusiasm and the will to do something. It is the strength.

It likes to do the things in its own way. Those with Mars in 10th have excelled in business. I know a lady who earns more than her husband while sitting at home. She has Aquarius Mars in the 10th.

When Mars is in the tenth house, the person feels like doing the things his own way. He has some good ideas to take the things forward. Sometimes these ideas are rejected. Sometimes the things don’t go like these individuals would have wanted. This is when they start feeling dissatisfied and because of aggression and courage that Mars offers, such people would kick off the job rather than compromising.

Mars is the planet of courage. Without courage, success in life is always doubtful. Courage makes a man powerful. Mars provides a man such an energy that this person won’t need anyone to move forward. The only thing is that this Mars should have some good influence on it. It has been written in some books that even if the Mars is debilitated in 10th i.e. Mars in cancer in tenth house, it will produce good results.

Such is the power of Mars that it is exalted in enemy sign. Mars doesn’t even consider Saturn as its enemy but Saturn does. A lady had Mars in Libra in tenth. Mars aspect over the ascendant i.e. Capricorn (its exalted sign) and Saturn was in the 11th in Scorpio aspect over ascendant i.e. its own sign. The lady quit the job for no reason and has started business.  

To conclude, if you have Mars in the tenth it is nothing to get afraid but mind your steps. Such persons would fear nothing in their lives and irrespective of the situations would prove to be true fighters. 

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The planet Mars or mangal is a well perceived strong and powerful presence in the astrological arena whose presence bestows the potency to the natives. The placement of Mars in tenth house would bring dominating and strong place to the natives in the professional as well as social arenas. The people born with Mars in their tenth house would put much of their hard work and endeavor to reach the high mounts besides which they would be truly determined in their professional arena. They know their path well and would sincerely put all the steps upon their path of career. They are believed to attain success quiet early in life. They crave higher position and only depend upon themselves for the same. They possess great management abilities along with a political mind. They are born to lead their professional enclosure for which they will carry a potent personality to their work place and would not stay in subordinate positions for long. They would be blessed with good fame from the very little age even if they would not have done much and they will be happy for the same. These natives having mangal in tenth house would possess only few good relations around as they would rule over the rest and won't be friends with everyone around while besides they could have some foes at work place for being quiet harsh in their attitude at times. These people don't require freedom at work neither they would give liberty to others but superiors should not be strict towards them as that will bring negative of them while believing upon them would bring out worthy results. They are serious personas who would rarely have fun in their work place. The natives of this placement having Mars in 10th house would acquire great wealth and success as his/her life would explicitly show the growth and development in life picture. Besides this, if Ketu, Rahu, Venus or Moon gets placed over the 2nd bhava then, it would reduce the benefic impacts to somewhat extent while the placement of any friendly planet in the 3rd house would also bring adverse impacts in this placement of Mars in 10th house. The placement of Saturn in 3rd house would bestow great wealth & prosperity as further enhancing the positive impacts of Mars. The natives of this placement of mangal in tenth house are advised not to sell their ancestral treasury ever in life besides this, they should never let the milk come over the fire while boiling it Thanks, Master Deepak Ji