Importance of Divisional Charts in Vedic Astrology

What is the importance of divisional charts in vedic astrology

I have been active on a couple online astrology forums for the past one year. Students, beginners and some astrologers are very much involved in the usage of divisional charts during discussions. Are divisional charts so important that people often skip the birth chart (what they call D1)?

This is a debatable issue. Divisional charts are not used by many astrologers yet they come up with interesting interpretations. Some of the astrologers are more intuition based hence none of the charts matter for them. There is a set of astrologers that considers navamsa chart with lagna chart for interpretations and predictions.

In my opinion, it should not be forgotten that the lagna chart is the most important of all divisions. It is like the body and the rest of the charts are functions. If there is no body or the body is not good, how would the functions help a person? Don't just jump on to the divisional charts.

Study the D1 chart carefully.

There is so much to discuss in the lagna chart itself that you would seldom find a need for general discussions.  The other charts are to confirm the happenings indicated and to get a deeper insight of the event under discussion. If you do not know how to read a horoscope, the combinations, aspects, positions, there would be little use of divisional charts to you.

I have seen several clients asking to interpret the D-10 chart for career. When I was first asked this question I asked the client if he knew what D-10 chart would mean. He replied honestly that D-10 chart is for career interpretation and he gained this information through internet. During the entire discussion he was only teaching me until I finally suggested him why would he come to me if he already knew so much?

Internet has educated the general public and before a client comes to the astrologer, he probably has already consulted some free online astrologers, astrology websites or some free forums. This means that this person has already collected some trash (I would call it trash only as it is without basics). This information he would try to discuss with his astrologer to get nothing but confusion.

There are several people I have met that would take names of the greatest yogas or would know about some celebrity charts and some rare combinations as well, however when you talk some basic facts of astrology with them, they would step back. Just ask them what does Virgo as a zodiac sign represent and 90 out of 100 such people would not reply correctly.

Though I am not a great astrologer, yet with some experience I always suggest such people not to get into higher standards at once. Keep the basics strong and the standard will automatically increase. Sometimes I feel astrologers are challenged more than the other professionals. People try to prove to an astrologer that they know more than whom they have come to consult.

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