Role of Mercury in a Horoscope

Mercury in Vedic Astrology

There are only nine planets in Vedic Astrology but the ones normally getting the most attention are the malefic planets. Mercury generally doesn’t get the attention it deserves in horoscope analysis. This article briefly describes some characteristics of Mercury to help the reader understand the importance of this planet.

Mercury is about Speech. Do you know someone who is very weak in making arguments but after the argument is over, the person thinks over and over again how he/she should have responded. Also, have you seen someone who is not at all practical? Have you met someone who tries to crack jokes unnecessarily? Or, do you know someone who you would like to call – “foolish” or a person with weak memory.

May be such person has a weak mercury in his/her horoscope. When mercury is strong in a horoscope the person is rational. He/she thinks wisely before he acts. It is not necessary that he/she should devote separate time to think.

His/her subconscious mind is designed like that.

Mercury likes the company of intellectual people. Mercury itself is very intelligent. If supported by Jupiter the person is himself a pundit. The real meaning of the term ‘pundit’ should be assumed here not the profession.

Mercury is prince. He is charming. Such people often do not look as aged as they might be. He is flexible enough to mingle with others. People with strong mercury are found having lot of friends. Mercury loves humor and sometimes (or may be many times) humor is created by making fun of others. This way, one may say mercury likes hurting others but otherwise Mercury is one of the benefic planets unless under malefic influence in the horoscope.

Mercury represents green color and Wednesday is for Mercury. This is why you might have heard some astrologers asking their clients to wear green clothes on Wednesdays or eating green vegetables on Wednesdays. Other than this, Mercury is also related to birds, bronze, emerald, lord Vishnu, north direction etc.  

People going for MBA in sales and marketing should have a look at the strength of mercury in their horoscopes. Mercury has excellent communication skills. Success in any field would require good communication skills but in business it is required the most. Hence, for business, the strength of mercury in a horoscope is always analyzed before making a prediction. Not only business; in any field requiring communication skills (including politics).

In a horoscope with weak mercury a person might lose his/her reputation in the group through unnecessary comments. Mercury if weak; tends to reduce the rational approach towards issues. Such person lacks practicality in life.  

Mercury likes living a luxurious life. With weak mercury in the horoscope, a person might get engaged in mostly loss making affairs such as gambling or lotteries. If Rahu is also producing ill effects in the horoscope then the situation worsens. Mercury Rahu relationship is one of the most interesting planet relationships in Jyotish.  

It likes the company of Sun. It is the only planet that most astrologers do not consider combust. It does not like Moon and the fourth house. Mercury likes to be placed in the tenth house, ascendant and the second house. In the fifth house also, it produces good results. Gemini is said to be the favorite sign of mercury.

Mercury is fast moving. With mercury’s affect on the marriage related houses or planets, the person might get married at an early age. Both the signs of mercury are dual signs. The interests of mercury influenced people change from time to time and this is sometimes a reason why these people don’t reach the top positions (depending on other combinations too).   

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