Zodiac Signs & Their Qualities

Various Zodiac Signs and the Qualities they poses

Zodiac Signs & Their Qualities
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This article depicts about 12 types of sun signs and their own unique qualites indentifying their personalities.

Astrology is the root of your life; let it be your past, present, or future. The four elements that signify it are water, fire, earth, air. It is just not faith, it is a scientific and mathematically proven solution to your problems. It helps you to get rid of numerous hurdles stopping your way to a satisfying life you always dreamt of. It is a pointer to the reality of life.

From ancient times to the modern ones, the therapy of astrology has always proven itself and enlightened lives. It can be said, astrology is a perfect boat to cross our sea of life through the magical feeling of the universe.

There are 12 zodiac sun signs, beginning with:-

1) ARIES (21 March - 20 April):  These people are born to be leaders with qualities like courage, bold, independent and straightforward.

With ruling planet Mars and element Fire. Lucky stone: CORAL.

2) TAURUS (21 April - 21 May): With ruling planet Venus and element Earth, these people are said to be And lie detector. Lucky stone: DIAMOND.

3) GEMINI (22 May - 21 June): With ruling planet Mercury and element Air, these people are naughty as well as nice, and with a dual personality. Lucky stone: EMERALD.

4) CANCER (22 June - 22 July): With ruling planet Moon and element Water these people are said to be caring, loving, secretive and sensitive. Lucky stone: PEARL

5) LEO (23 July - 21 August): With ruling planet Sun and element Fire these people are said to be dominant, live like Kings, self-made and warm personality. Lucky stone: RUBY.

6) VIRGO (22 August- 23 September): With ruling planet, Mercury and element Earth they are said to be modest, work alcoholics, analytical and reliable. Lucky stone: EMERALD.

7) LIBRA (24 September- 23 October): With ruling planet Venus and element Air these people are said to be an inanimate object, harmonious, sophisticated and seductive. Lucky stone: DIAMOND.

8) SCORPIO (24 October-22 November): With ruling planet Mars and element Water these people are said to be powerful, challenging, courageous and erotic. Lucky stone: CORAL.

9) SAGITTARIUS (23 November-22 December): With ruling planet Jupiter and element Fire they are said to be soft-spoken, open-minded, generous, hilarious and romantic. Lucky stone: YELLOW SAPPHIRE.

10) CAPRICORN (23 December-20 January):  With ruling planet Saturn and element Earth they are said to be organized, ambitious, devoted, classy and practical. Lucky stone: BLUE SAPPHIRE.

11) AQUARIUS (21 January-19 February): With ruling planet Uranus and element Air they are said to be idealistic, inventors, honest and imaginative. Lucky stone: BLUE SAPPHIRE.

12) PISCES (20 February- 20 March): With ruling planet Neptune and element Water they are said to be dreamy, compassionate, sensitive, poetic and devoted. Lucky stone: YELLOW SAPPHIRE.

So here was a brief description of your sun signs and people related to you which will surely help you in some or the other ways. 

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