Understand the source of your happiness (easy method) by vedic astrology

Simple ways to see where happiness or pleasure is obtained in life through vedic astrology

Understand the source of your happiness (easy method) by vedic astrology
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The activities from which happiness is obtained can be seen through this simple and easy technique which involves the fourth (4th) house and its lord.

The main house for checking happiness in a birthchart is the fourth(4th) house in vedic astrology. The 4th house also deals with home, comforts, mother, property, vehicles, etc. The problems in getting happiness or how much of pleasure is seen through the 4th house, it's lord and karaka(significator) mainly. But the source or from where it is attained is seen through a different technique. The source can be found by: 

  1. Find the 4th house lord in the birth chart. 
  2. Check the house position of 4th house lord. 
  3. Check how many places the 4th house lord is away from the 4th house.
  4. Count that many places from the 4th house lord's position. 
  5. The resulting house is the source of your happiness!

For example, aries ascendant with 4th house lord sitting in the 8th house. So, 4th house lord is 5 places away from the 4th house.

When we count 5 places from the 8th house, we get the resulting house as the 12th house. So, the native gets pleasure through 12th house activities which are dreaming, bed pleasures, meditation, drugs, escaping from reality, watching movies or programs, isolation, traveling to foreign lands, etc. If you know the significarions of houses and basics of astrology, usage of this technique is possible. 

Venus and moon are the significators of the 4th house. The house placement of planet Venus can be seen. Pleasure can be obtained from the activities of the house Venus is placed in. Moon's placement shows the places which gives comfort or calmness to the mind. 

The other simple ways are checking Rahu's position and also ascendant sign. But these two gives happiness through fulfillment of desire or obsession. 

There are complex and very accurate ways to find source of happiness by even going into the divisional charts but these are the simple ways. 

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mine is coming to 9th and 10th house.what is interpretation?


Being your self and being thankfull to GOD in every situation will always bring happiness to you. Trust me on that