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My Experience About Free Astrology Forums Online

I was a part of a couple of best free online astrology forums for quite some time. I said I was because now I enjoy more in face to face astrology consultations or someone I know. Is it really beneficial to take advice from free online astrology forums?

There are certain benefits and limitations of following free online astrology forums. Some of them as I experienced are: -

  • They are no clients. They put their questions in open forums and you will choose whether to reply or not.

  • You might feel insulting when despite your applying brain for them; they would welcome other astrologers to share their opinions.

  • Here you will understand why people make fun of astrology and astrologers. Suggesting remedies is like fun for them.

  • You will not necessarily get someone healed as it is not necessary that the person followed your advice.

  • It is not necessary that you get to know what happened to the person whom you suggested something.

  • It is not one on one interaction unless you are consulting someone through private messages (which is one option available there).

  • It is not necessary that the astrologers available there are experienced ones, beginners, students or just those interested.

Likewise the list could go very long. This was focused on astrologers at free online astrology forums and not the students. Students might have their issues.

I am really surprised when people start their question by giving lots and lots of introduction about combinations in their chart. I am surprised if they know so much, why are they even meeting an astrologer.

Students would learn some tough names of combinations like parvat yoga, kemdrum dosha, shakat yoga, viprit rajyoga etc. and would invite the astrologers to discuss the yoga in their chart. This is not a bad thing to do but it would end in no result. Most of them don’t know the basics and this includes some free online astrologers as well.

My purpose of joining free online astrology forums was to know whether I could predict about the unknown people or I am just matching the astrological combinations with the person I know. To this, I learnt a lot and this made me gain a lot of confidence. A very common question is, “Please tell me about my horoscope”. It was through the free online astrology forums that I learnt how to answer this question.

I was involved in some private discussions through emails and private message facilities that those astrology forums offered. Though I received good responses yet I could not know whether those people followed my remedies. Generally when you get something for free, it loses value. Not everyone is satisfied with free gifts.

For the first time when I joined such forums I thought there were many who needed to improve their status and the problems were many. Major questions I saw there were related to health, career, relationships, legal issues, foreign travel, studies etc. There were some areas where astrologers could discuss their experiences and share knowledge. There was a facility where someone could privately message any astrologer on that free online astrology forum to discuss privately.

While free online astrology forums might sound interesting, there are certain advantages and disadvantages of free online astrology forums and it is up to the individual how he takes it.

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