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Can good results be yielded using divisional charts

Earlier I would not believe in divisional charts much. What I did was to just consider the birth chart (horoscope) of an individual for interpretation. In other words I used only Janma Lagna, Surya Lagna and Chandra Lagna for many years until one fine day when I thought I would use divisional charts.

I had read about using the divisional charts in vedic astrology but had never used it. As a result, there were instances when I came across some very good horoscopes yet the results weren’t very good. There was another reason. I did not believe much in Dasha (period) system and based my calculation on transits alone. Though I got success, yet the accuracy was not there every time.

For example a person had Jupiter in the tenth house in Sagittarius in trine with Venus and Mercury and in third house from Saturn and Mars. Now, all these combinations have been praised a lot by the astrologers including the ancient ones.

Position of Jupiter in the tenth house and that too in Sagittarius!

This person suffered in job. He got fair success but mental satisfaction was never there. Authority was missing despite holding good position. I could never know why this happened. This person was devotional by nature yet could receive little material success. Despite Jupiter’s aspect on fourth house lord and fourth house, this person continued to live in a rented house with troubles.

I had read in some books and ignored when some astrologer used aspects in divisional charts. I had success with Navamsha but I never used aspects there. When I used the aspects for the house issue, the scene was clear. Fourth house in the Chaturthansha was surrounded by Saturn and Ketu, fourth house lord under Saturn aspect and situated weak in the seventh house.

Next I analyzed his Dashamansha, that was again surrounded by Saturn and Mars with Rahu posited in the tenth house. I don’t blame Rahu posited there but planets surrounding the tenth in Dashamansha are an issue. This person could never have much savings and in the Hora chart all the planets accept Mercury were in the twelfth house.

I started applying this on several charts to achieve better understanding of the charts and hence improved accuracy. There is only one thing I don’t like about some of those who use divisional charts. Without getting a proper understanding of the horoscope, you can’t judge the divisional charts. Divisional charts are only support functions but without the lagna chart or D1 chart it might not produce concrete results.

There is a learning every day and this is true with astrology as well. In fact astrology is a subject that offers different learning to different individuals. Due to this liberty there are differences in opinions of astrologers many a times. For example some believe in fifth and ninth aspect of Rahu and Ketu while some don’t. Some consider using degrees the others won’t use degrees. There could be umpteen examples and this makes astrology interesting. 

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