Horoscope of Lal Krishna Advani and His Missing the Top Spot - A Discussion

Lal Krishna Advani Horoscope

I always wondered why Lal Krishna Advani would just miss the top position always and this is the purpose of this article. What exactly in LK Advani’s horoscope would prevent him from becoming the apex minister of the country? He handled some of the best positions no doubt yet he missed the favorite spot?

I have always stressed on the importance of the ascendant lord. While in class our teacher used to tell us that if the ascendant lord is not powerful a person may not enjoy the spot or might just miss the target. Lal Krishna Advani has always been an important player in Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) so his role as a leader could not be ruled out. The concern here is why he could not make it to the top.

Look at the ascendant lord in Advani’s horoscope. It is Mars in the twelfth house in Libra with debilitated Sun. On one side there is Saturn in Scorpio and on the other there is Venus in Virgo (debilitated).

Venus is with Jupiter aspect here and because Jupiter is strong, the debilitation would get cancelled.

Another important point to note in the birth chart of Lal Krishna Advani is the Sun’s position in the twelfth house. Sun is the tenth house lord in the twelfth. All his efforts were just in vain. An important person such as Advani is not talked about much in positive manner. As people say, earlier Atal Bihar and now Modi took it away from Advani. That is not our discussion however.

The ninth house lord in sixth house is another feature that should not be missed. The question in reader’s minds would be that why after so much negative combinations did Advani become one of the top leaders in BJP. Take a look at the Jupiter. You would clearly understand.

Next, take time in considering the roles of mercury and Venus in the horoscope of Lal Krishna Advani. Since this is not the purpose of the article here, I should leave this discussion for some other time. To conclude, though there are other factors stopping Advani from what he could achieve, the role of ascendant lord can’t be overruled.

Jupiter is the strongest planet in this horoscope considering all the divisional charts yet a weak Mars would prevent Advani from becoming the favorite. Had Mars been positively strong in Advani’s chart (horoscope) the story could have been different.

Date, time and place of birth of Mr. Advani as I have are as follows: -

Date of birth: - 8th November, 1927

Time of birth: - 9:27 AM

Place of birth: - Karachi

Horoscope of LK Advani as per the above birth particulars comes out as follows: -

Ascendant – Saturn and Ketu – Scorpio

Fifth House – Jupiter – Pisces

Sixth House – Moon – Aries

Seventh House – Rahu – Taurus

Eleventh House – Venus – Virgo

Twelfth House – Sun, Mars and Mercury – Libra

The biggest problem while analyzing the horoscope of celebrities is the correct date and time of birth. While analyzing the horoscope of Lal Krishna Advani I have not put any effort in correcting the date, time and place of birth. It is as available on the internet. 

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