Sixth House in a Horoscope - Basics of Astrology

Significance of Sixth House in a Horoscope

Sixth house is one of the most talked about houses in astrology. This article presents a view on how the sixth house should be considered and the astrological interpretations regarding sixth house could be. It also tries to brings out to some extent what good features of sixth house could be.

Sixth, eighth and twelfth houses in a horoscope have been considered to be the most feared houses in any horoscope. Actually the word ‘feared’ is somewhat inappropriate but while responding to queries it is experienced often that people have lots of confusions about the sixth house. Sixth house denotes dishonor, wounds, health and enemies primarily. Because it denotes such features of life it has been considered a bad house however the same may be thought the other way also.

Sixth house is one of the three ‘Trik Sthanas’ or ‘Dushta Sthanans’.  While considering sixth house in a horoscope, the sixth house lord, planets in the sixth house and the aspects on the sixth house should be calculated. Along with the three mentioned, Mars should also be looked upon as Mars is the karaka for this house.

Mars being the karaka for sixth house is quite obvious as it loves to fight, it loves enemies and it loves competition.

Mars gives wounds and with its abilities makes a person honorable. Position of Mars and its effect in a particular horoscope would certainly impact the sixth house in a horoscope.

If sixth house lord is badly afflicted in a horoscope, malefic planets are placed in the sixth house or malefic planets aspect the sixth house, a person would have lots of opposition or enemies. On the other hand if the benefic planets aspect the sixth house, are placed in the sixth house or the sixth house lord is a benefic planet it might be said that the person would have lesser enemies.

One very interesting fact about the sixth house is that it is the ninth house from the tenth house, which means that is the bhagya sthan for the tenth and tenth is a very important house in any horoscope as it denotes karma, career, fame, father etc. So if the sixth house has unfavorable results for the tenth house it would spoil the results for a good tenth house as well.

In astrology, sixth house is also considered for competition. With regards to success in competitions, the positions related to sixth house and Mars is very important. Here, it is worth mentioning that while considering any house, there are some houses that are interlinked with that house. For example when considering success in competitive exams, not only the sixth but also the fifth house and the ninth house should be considered.

In general it may be said that the sixth house lord if strong with benefic aspects it would produce good results while a badly afflicted could keep a person away from good health and would let a person face lots of opposition.


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