What Happens When Sun is in the Ascendant in Horoscope?

Importance of Sun When Ascending in a Horoscope

Several people have sun placed in their horoscopes. What happens when sun, the ruler of all planets is placed in such an important house (bhava)? Sun is the most important and the most powerful of all planets and ascendant is them most important house What could happen when both of them combine? This all is arguable but worth a discussion.

I know a person who had sun at the exact degree of ascendant i.e. ascendant was at 7 degrees and sun was also at 7 degrees. This person though born in a poor family took proud of his father, had a will to become a great person and spent his life trying the same. This person’s behavior indicated that he would object to immoral behavior. This person was aggressive but not in the mars way. He knew how to control people.

When he got angry, the others surrounding him would not dare to oppose him.

He would never beg for anything.  Whatever he had, he had earned it. This person liked speaking truth and be on the side of justice. He obeyed the law and wanted the others to follow the law as well. There were some other yogas in his horoscope that did not let him shine to the level he deserved however he made good name in his field during his lifetime.

Sun when posited in the ascendant could do wonders for a person provided he is surrounded by benefic planets, has benefic aspects, is exalted, in a friend’s sign or own sign and has a good position in navamsa as well. Things could get better if the ascendant lord and Jupiter also hold good position in the horoscope.

Sun in the ascendant of horoscope is not a rare phenomenon and could be found in many horoscopes. The answer to the question posed in the title would be obtained when we know what sun and the ascendant represent. Ascendant is for general character of a person, general health, physique, color, general approach towards life or lifestyle, general likes and dislikes etc.

Sun is the soul. It gives the confidence that a person meets others. Sun is the ruler of all planets in the solar system hence the person would have a will to rule others. It is hot while at the same time it gives energy to us. It gives light to us and follows a disciplined approach. Sun is idealistic in nature and likes the others to follow them as well.

Another factor to consider is what sign sun is placed in. It can be considered in many ways, for example sun is a hot planet, it covers one zodiac sign in a month, it is cruel etc. Signs are water, fire, sthir, chara, dwiswabhava, etc. Depending on such aspects the calculation needs to be done. There are other planet yogas, combinations, aspects etc. to be considered as well. The above mentioned is irrespective of all other yogas taking place in a horoscope. 

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