Does Joining Astrology Courses Really Help?

Can You Gain Anything Joining Astrology Courses?

Astrology is fast growing and so are the institutes. The fee that is required for these courses has also grown over time. Courses are available online, classroom and through correspondence. Does joining such courses really help?

There are certain pros and cons in joining courses on astrology. The first one is that the students get distracted to discussion on their own horoscopes. The class timings vary from one hour to three hours at most of the institutes of astrology and all the time is wasted in individual horoscopes.

Those joining through correspondence or online also get into this trap. They skip the other signs, stars, planets and continue to search something related to their horoscopes. This doesn’t benefit the student. Remember, this is not the teacher’s problem but it is the student who does that.

Another problem is that the students would try to skip the basics.

I have seen several students quit the courses saying that they were there to learn predictions and not calculations. This doesn’t help. Agreed that the software is there to help but knowing the basics is always helpful.

Making fun of anything is easy and this is what happens sometimes at the classes. Students should be careful not to disturb the decorum. Remember, these degrees or certificates are based on your knowledge. Passing an exam and getting a degree is of no use unless you are able to make almost accurate predictions.

Despite all the issues, there are several factors that could be really helpful for the student. The basics are well taught at these institutes. You can learn it through books, however the books don’t speak. There comes regularity in studying astrology. The students engaged in courses of astrology of any kind get a group to discuss the aspects of astrology.

Astrology courses are becoming immensely popular these days. Courses in astrology are available online through many astrology websites which such courses in astrology are also available through correspondence courses where exams are held at a centralized location.

Classroom courses in astrology are also there. Many of them offer weekend classes as most of those joining astrology courses are working people. Degrees in astrology or certificate in astrology vary from institute to institute.

I took two courses in astrology called as Jyotish Bhushan and Jyotish Ratna. Later I got transferred to Mumbai where I could not continue due to my professional commitments however I kept studying astrology out of my own interest.

In my view joining astrology courses would help and if the student is not greedy enough to know only of his own, he could become a mature astrologer. Regular practice and studies would make the student so experienced that he can start understanding the concepts and develop theories of his own.

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