What I Feel About Combined Aspect of Saturn and Mars at Any House in Horoscope

Combined Aspect of Saturn and Mars at Any House in Horoscope

While Saturn and Mars are on the opposite sides most of the times, they have one thing in common. Both of them are malefic planets. What will happen if both the planets i.e. Saturn and Mars, aspect a particular house in a horoscope.

An example is if Saturn is in the fifth house of a horoscope and Mars in the seventh, both the planets would aspect the second house. Now, think what the second house signifies. It is about money, family and speech amongst other things. Though it would depend on the signs and other yoga, generally it would keep the person restless about the associated things with the second house.

This person would always keep wandering for that house related things. This could hold true for any house. If the aspect is on the tenth house, it could be for fame, career, father etc.

If on the fourth house, it could be on mental peace, mother, vehicles, house etc. One more interesting thing while considering the fourth and the sixth house, both Mars and Saturn are considered karaka for these houses.

Interesting it gets as you dig deeper into Vedic astrology. Next time you see a horoscope, try to find out which house is having a common aspect of Saturn and Mars and you could come up with some interesting facts. Vedic astrology is such an interesting field that before I could tell you much, you would start analyzing.

In many horoscopes you would find that Saturn and Mars are either sharing a common house or having an aspect on a particular house. This could be more than one house of a horoscope. Astrology books (some of those that I read) have termed this condition as destructive. Since both the planets are powerful malefic planets, are opposite in behavior and enemies, this seems logical as well.

It should be noted that some books have not considered Mars as an enemy to Saturn; however Saturn has been rated as an enemy to Mars. In other words, while Saturn considers Mars an enemy, Mars doesn’t. This could be because Mars is exalted in Saturn’s house and considers being a winner over it.

Saturn and Mars are and have been two of the most talked about planets amongst the astrologers and interested public when it comes to Vedic astrology. Saturn can aspect 3rd, 7th and 10th house from where it is positioned while Mars can aspect 4th, 7th and 8th  house in a horoscope from where it is positioned. It should not be forgotten that while counting the houses in a horoscope, the house where a planet is placed is also counted.

For example if Mars is placed in the ascendant and it can aspect 4th house would mean it can aspect the 4th house of the horoscope and not the fifth house of horoscope. You should already be aware of these basics of Vedic astrology. If said that Saturn can aspect 10th house and it is placed in the second house, it would mean that it can aspect the eleventh house and not the twelfth house.

Though several Vedic astrology practitioners have their beliefs, the basics are common, there might be some differences in opinion just like those are while solving a physics, chemistry or mathematics problem. It would depend on an individual’s understanding of how he/she interprets the concepts of Vedic astrology in his/her own way.  

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