Should I Start As Professional Astrologer? Am I Ready?

Is it Right Time to start as a Professional Astrologer for Me

Here are a few words about those who would like to become entrepreneurs. People would always like to start their own business. The confidence level and support from the acquaintance, relatives and most importantly the family members does matter at this time. Should they start now or wait till they are perfect.

This question never came in my mind when I completed my course in Engineering and the company took me for a job as a professional risk engineer. I was conducting inspections where I was a mere learner. A fresher doesn’t know how to apply the basics and most of the times we are not very strong at the basics.

Even though I was not fully trained I started executing the job with occasional guidance from the seniors. Now after seven years of my professional experience I still feel like I don’t know much and still there is a lot of scope for improvement. In the market however seven years is a considerable experience irrespective of what I know.

When it comes to astrology the thought process is not always the same despite the fact that I have taken courses in astrology from a reputed organization. I have been devoting my time on an online astrology forum and having gone through number of horoscopes I still feel there is lot more to learn and what could be the exact time for me to become a professional astrologer.

With online astrology forums I learnt that astrology basics hold true and it doesn’t matter that you know or don’t know a person.

I analyzed several horoscopes of strangers (to me at least) and surprisingly I achieved 99% success. Still there are many questions that I would not be able to answer or dig as deep as the people want the astrologers to be yet many of the questions could be answered.

My answer to this is, now is the right time. There are always chances of error and there will always be a scope of learning. Time is a great teacher and we are its sincere students. One most important thing that experience teaches is how to deal with things and various issues that one might face. Another is that after going through several cases one gets to know the statistical idea of things and might form his/her own rules.

Recently a boy knocked the door of my house. He was there to ask for some donations and when I said I can’t, he insisted me to give a white paper for him to demonstrate some things. He asked a few questions and with some trick he told me the right answers. Then he said he would pray for me and he had some supernatural powers of healing the issues of life. The confidence of this boy took me with surprise.

When he asked for money, I denied his request to which he did nothing but went away. The notable thing here was the confidence of this boy. Usually I have found that those who don’t know much would show high level of confidence and most of the times they would succeed. When such people could make success, why those who have sincerely devoted their lives for astrology or whatever science or commerce can’t?

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