Can Combust or Badly Afflicted Venus in a Birth Chart or Horoscope Cause Delayed Marriage?

Can Combust or Badly Afflicted Venus in a Birth Chart or Horoscope Cause Delayed Marriage?

Every day I find questions related to delayed marriage. While many of them would blame Saturn’s effect on the seventh house, can there be some other powerful effect that could cause delayed marriage. Can Venus play a crucial role here?

I know a person, who will turn 35 this year and still unmarried. In his horoscope seventh house lord Mars is in the ninth house, Moon from the ascendant having an aspect on the seventh, none other aspect or position in the seventh house or the second. Here the second house lord is also Mars. Apart from all the general points of interpretation considered in Vedic astrology, there is a powerful yoga that can turn all the combinations, aspects and positions down.

I have always emphasized on the role of the karaka in Vedic astrology. Venus is the karaka for marriage for men. His Venus is in the tenth house combust in cancer.

In the ninth, there is Mars and in the eleventh are Saturn and Rahu. Venus being the ascendant lord is no powerful. Despite no malefic aspect or combinations on the seventh, seventh lord, second house, second house lord in his horoscope, he is still unmarried.

All other considerations would prove useless if you don’t consider the position and effect of karaka. Sometimes it happens that a person may get married due to other good planetary combinations happening in the concerned houses in a horoscope, yet the pleasure or satisfaction may not be guaranteed.

Seventh house of a horoscope is considered generally when you talk of marriage. The other house that is considered then is the second house i.e. Kutumb Sthana or the house of family. The seventh house lords and second house lords would then become the points of interests and the planets that are placed in those houses. Another important factor comes from those planets that have an aspect over the seventh or the second house of the horoscope.

Venus has always been my point of interest. This planet is related to so many things that we are concerned about in our daily lives. This planet loves to sit strong in the twelfth house i.e. the house of pleasures, Vilas Sthana. Venus is happy in the fourth house, Sukh Sthana and so on. Without a strong Venus, happiness (external) in life is difficult.

Many Indian astrologers would consider Jupiter as karaka for ladies while Venus as karaka for men. Though if find Mars also playing an important role for ladies, I feel this topic should be cut short or it may go long. I have often experienced that Jupiter in the seventh has also an interesting role to play when it comes to married life. Sometimes delayed marriage as well, next time I write an article I will try to cover up Jupiter and married life.

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