Mars in Ascendant (First House) of Horoscope

Significance of MArs in 5th House When Ascending Horoscope

First house of a horoscope is also known as the ascendant. When Mars is placed in the ascendant in a horoscope the results become very interesting. While there could be various interpretations for Mars in the ascendant of horoscope, one thing this planet would give for sure is – Desire for Authority.

A lady I know had Mars in the ascendant in Leo in her horoscope (birth chart) and the other had Mars in Scorpio in the ascendant in her horoscope. While the behavior of both was authoritative, both liked to dominate, there was a difference in their behaviors. Why it was so?

Mars is red, it signifies the red blood cells in human body, it is angry, disciplined and likes to do the job his own way. The moustache should not turn down is the principle of this planet. All these characteristics would keep changing with changing zodiac signs.

For example Mars in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius would behave differently than in Capricorn. It should be noted here that Mars is exalted in Capricorn.

Why a different behavior then? Actually, there will be a difference in Aries, Leo and Sagittarius also if minutely observed even though all the three are Agni Rashis. 

The principle here is that every zodiac sign has its significance and when that significant effect combines with the particular zodiac sign’s effect, a combined effect would bring out somewhat another effect. Mars in Cancer or Pisces would not have the quality of aggression that a person with Mars in Aries or Leo would have.

How to know the effect of Mars in ascendant in a horoscope then? If Mars is in the ascendant in Taurus, the person even though is angry would have space for love, marketing and would be comparatively more composed. Even then, Mars won’t let this go easily. The person would feel low at expressing love. The ego would be there.

Here, it is worth noting that any planet should be judged by not only sign and house it is placed in but also the house lord, position of that house lord, lordships of Mars, other planets that are posited with Mars in the ascendant etc. The lady I was talking about in the beginning had Mars and Venus in Leo in the ascendant and she is mad about electronic gadgets. She has all that is latest in the market.

A very interesting character of Mars is that it would be happy when people listen to him. If they don’t; it will try to make others listen by any means. Mars doesn’t know tactics. It is straightforward. It loves to fight. When in Capricorn it will combine the effects of Saturn which is why I feel Mars is exalted in Capricorn.

Ascendant is the most important house in any birth chart. Planets placed here should be carefully analyzed and it should always be kept in mind that it is not only that particular planet’s placement that would affect but also the relative positions; signs, navamsa, house lords etc. also bring their significant effects.

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