Mars in Fifth House of Horoscope - Why Is it Not Good for Studies?

Effect of Mars on Studies When in 5th House

Mars is an energetic planet. Mars is away from laziness. Mars likes punctuality and discipline. Why is then Mars in the fifth house not yielding good results with respect to studies?

Mars is a very interesting planet. I always believed in my early years of astrological studies that mars in the fifth house of horoscope would make a person very good in studies. Then I came across the horoscopes of a few people who were very intelligent yet not very good in studies and then began my quest for the answer.

Fifth house of horoscope is considered as “buddhi sthana”. Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are very happy to be in the fifth house. Also, some people told me that exams should be considered from this house. There were other set of people as well who believed in the sixth house yet I devoted my attention to the fifth house of horoscope.

Another fact that I was told was that studies are to be seen from the second house and the fourth house.

I did slight research and found that second house was believed to be for studies as earlier there used to be mouth to mouth knowledge sharing. For the fourth house, I was not satisfied with what people said.

A person who was very good in classical music had Mars, Sun and Mercury in the fifth house of his horoscope in Aries sign. He was very good at arts, music and mathematics but would never attend the school. He was much disciplined, aggressive and a very devoted student but not of the books. Some might argue here that fifth house is for musical people.  

Another person I knew had Mars in the fifth house of his horoscope in Pisces. It is worth noting that Pisces sign is not a favorite sign of Mars. Character of Mars doesn’t match Pisces. Another important thing is that ascendant lord in the fifth house is a very good yoga. Despite that, this person was an absolute failure in terms of studies. This person didn’t complete graduation and is looking for some career (business) these days.

There are several examples that can be quoted here and I am afraid it would then make this article too long for the person who reads this. Mars is for physical energy. Fifth house is brain power. Some call it subconscious mind as well. What I believed was that a hot planet as Mars should make the brain sharp. No doubt the brains of those persons were sharp but in studies they would never pay attention.

I came to know that Mars has so much energy that it can’t attend at one place. It would require continuous flow of energy or it would distract the person. While Saturn would also distract, the style is different. Saturn would depress a person. Let him become lazy and hence fail. I came up with the findings that I am still thinking upon but one thing is for sure that fifth house mars is not very good for studies as far as I am concerned.

Astrology has many views, has had many astrologers and many styles and beliefs in interpreting a birth chart. There are many differences in the beliefs of south Indian astrologers and north Indian astrologers. Despite all, they continue have their own beliefs. The final opinion hence belongs to the astrologer who is interpreting the birth chart.

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