Sun in Tenth (10th) House of Horoscope

Significance of Sun in 10th House Horoscope

Could the king of all planets, the sun yield some of the best results in the tenth house or will it not be practical to judge Sun as powerful in the tenth house in today’s world. Lot has been said about sun in the tenth house of horoscope but how true is it?

Sun is the karaka for father and also for name, fame and the respect one receives from others. Sun also the karaka for authority. Career, Fame and Father (in North India) are the three most important factors to be judged from the tenth house of horoscope apart from other factors. Tenth house covers some of the most important features in a horoscope for an individual to survive in the material world.

Character of a person could also be known through this house. Some astrologers consider this house the most important house in a birth chart only after the ascendant. Sun in Aries, Leo and Sagittarius with Jupiter aspect would make a person in authoritative position and the second half of his/her life particularly would go on well.

The person could get high position in wherever he/she works.

Career wise, native with Sun in tenth house would reach greater heights. He would know naturally how to control people. It may happen that this person would feel uncomfortable while getting along with people of a class lower than him as Sun would like to hold higher than others. Sun with Saturn placed in this house could be a disastrous combination. Sun with Mars could be good provided that person knows how to control his energy.

Sun is generally good in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, and Cancer while it yields normal results in other signs. Sun in Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius have been considered as not good by many. In my experience no planet is good or bad in any sign. It is the combinations that make one decide. For example some qualities of Libra match with Sun’s characteristic behavior yet it is exalted. The basics should be thoroughly understood.

Since tenth house and the characteristics of Sun match, it has been considered as karaka for the tenth house in a birth chart. Sun represents the ruler. These days, scenario has changed a bit. In the ancient times a good ruler was the one who would spend on donations, take care of the common masses, kind hearted for the good and brutal for the evils. It was generally hereditary. All this was represented by Sun.

These days there is no hereditary in most cases. The word ruler has changed to leaders. Today, the leaders require more than what Sun represents. Certainly they would require what the tenth house does but they also require some shrewdness, tactics and many of them in India are criminals as well. Some of the well known names have been accused of severe crimes.

Planets like Rahu could do well in the tenth house. Leaders of today aren’t as religious as Sun or as lawful as Sun instead they have to do whatever they could to remain seated. They may not be as disciplined but they would be shrewd and cruel for sure. Not all of them but the world is changing and so are the people. Despite all the Sun holds a strong position in the horoscope.

Sun is the ruler, the king of all planets. I read somewhere that if Sun alone is strong it can cover up the weakness, ill effects or malefic effects of other planets and next comes the moon. Remember Karna. According to Mahabharata he was the son of Sun i.e. Suryaputra and such was the inner strength of him that despite Shalya praising Arjun constantly, Karna kept his cool and maintained his will power until he got killed.  Such is the power of Sun.

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