Free Astrology Consultations vs. Paid Astrology Consultations

Comparison of Free vs Paid Astrology Consultations

Whom would you prefer- An Astrologer who does astrology readings for free or the one who does astrology on chargeable basis? Who is better – A paid astrologer or free astrologer?

How do you feel when people say proudly, “I have been doing astrology for free for the past N number of years”? Some others would say, “I never charged a single rupee for my astrology readings or interpretations”.

I met some of those people and I asked them the reason why they would not charge for their efforts in astrology. The replies I got were, “Astrology is meant to do good for people”. “Astrology is not meant to make money”. “Astrology is to do good to society” and similar answers.

None of those answers proved satisfactory enough to convince me. Recently in our factory we called a fire consultant. We called him despite knowing the fact that he would charge a handsome amount of 50,000 INR per day.

He visited us. Stayed with us for a couple of hours, took lunch and flew away.

In the above example/case, neither we nor that person who charged money was ashamed of the charges. In fact many of them would feel proud that they called a highly paid consultant. Now, this fire consultant was called so that we could improve our fire systems which would protect workers and staff members from a catastrophic event. Remember, fire could take lives.

No one goes and asks that consultant to do his job for free. We have accepted that for his technical education and experience he has the right to charge whatever amount he wants to. Similar is the case with a doctor, surgeon or even a psychiatrist.

Those who would charge money for consulting on astrological matters told me a different story. A full time astrologer is the most dedicated person. According to them, such astrologer if he does nothing but astrology, where would he get the income from? These days not all the people have owned houses. How would he pay his rent?

I thought this point and felt I was on the same spot. If I discontinued with my job and joined free astrologers community where would I get the money to pay the rent, electricity bills, water bills, internet bills, clothing, food and there is so much required to survive in this materialistic world.

The other logic I got from some astrologers was when they had devoted several years of their lives for astrology why is it that they should do it for free. Another set of astrologers said that when you offer anything for free people won’t value it. When you charge, the story would be different.

I have seen people buy water bottles in restaurants and carry with them the water that remained in the bottle. Why? A homeopath once told me that he would never charge money from his clients and did this service for free in the earlier phase of his career. Later he realized that some of them would just throw the medicines to take back more because he gave it for free.

This debate will run as long as the astrology continues to impress people. It is an individual’s choice to do it free or charge money for interpretation of birth charts. There are benefits and limitations of each.

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