Did Gopinath Munde's Horoscope Indicated His Demise?

Did Gopinath Munde's Horoscope Indicated His Demise?

Gopinath Munde, a well known political figure in Maharashtra died this Tuesday. Why according to astrology did Gopinath Munde die? Does Gopinath Munde’s horoscope contain anything related to his death?

As per the report of a news channel, Gopinath Munde died of a road accident at around 7:20 AM in Delhi this Tuesday morning i.e. 3/6/2014. At 7:20 AM the position of the planets in transit was as follows: -

Mercury and Jupiter in Gemini

Moon in Cancer

Mars in Virgo

Saturn and Rahu in Libra

Venus and Ketu in Aries

Sun in Taurus

Date of birth, time and place of Gopinath Munde is again a point of discussion. This is sometimes uncomfortable to find several dates of birth, time and place for a single person. I have taken the date of birth, time and place of Gopinath Munde from a website that believes it is accurate. As per them: -

Date of birth: - 18th October, 1949 (there is a website that says it should be 12th December, 1949 at Parli in Beed District in Maharashtra)

Time of birth: - 8:00 AM

Place of birth: - Satara (Maharashtra)

Horoscope comes to be as follows: -

Ascendant – Libra – Sun

Second House – Scorpio – Venus

Fourth House – Capricorn – Jupiter

Sixth House – Pisces – Rahu

Eleventh House – Leo – Mars, Saturn and Moon

Twelfth House – Mercury and Ketu

In Gopinath Munde’s horoscope, at the time of his death was running Jupiter/Jupiter/Venus.

Note here that Jupiter is the third house lord and the sixth house lord and Venus here is the eighth house lord. So, this period was not alright in this regard. Third house is the eighth of eighth, sixth house is for accidents, eighth house is for longevity/death. If the transits can tell the same story, this could be confirmed. In the transit, the story is beyond my understanding. Either this birth data of Gopinath Munde needs some revision or I need to check out even thoroughly.

For an experiment I tried putting the other date i.e. 12/12/1949, 8:00 am and place Parli, the ascendant lord Jupiter/Mercury/Mercury Dasha is running with Mercury and Jupiter in transit in the seventh house. It is worth noting here that Jupiter (ascendant lord) is with sixth and eleventh house lord Venus in Capricorn in the second house.

Here, seventh house lord in the seventh, Second house lord Saturn aspect on Jupiter from eleventh house on the seventh house lord, Mas aspect from the tenth house on the seventh house lord and Moon was in his eighth that day. Now this almost matches the logic.

This date of birth and time has it for the death of Gopinath Munde. So, may be the date of birth and time mentioned on that website that considers it accurate, actually has it wrong. Horoscope of Gopinath Munde as per the above mentioned date of birth and time is as follows: -

Ascendant – Sagittarius – Mercury

Second House – Venus and Jupiter in Capricorn

Fourth House – Rahu in Pisces

Ninth House – Saturn and Moon in Leo

Tenth House – Mars and Ketu in Virgo

Twelfth House – Sun in Scorpio

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