Ketu in Ninth (9th) House of Horoscope

Ketu in Ninth House - Aries to Pisces

Ninth house is known as the Bhagya Sthana in Vedic Astrology; hence becomes an important house while considering any aspect of life. What happens when Ketu occupies ninth house in a horoscope?

Based on whatever I have experienced in astrology; it is good to have Ketu in the ninth house if you want to gain spiritual strength. For every other reason it would create difficulties for an individual unless it forms a good combination with some beneficial palnet or has some benefic aspect on it. This may change the story. Those born with Ketu in the ninth find tough childhood in general and such individuals have to struggle more than the others to achieve success.

I have often seen some people confused between spiritual and materialistic affairs. They don't want to go to the office but chant the name of God but they can't avoid going to the office for some personal reason. This happens because in their horoscopes Ketu inclines them towards spirituality while the other planets remind them of the commitments.

The person doesn’t know where to go. He feels like he should quit everything and go to some quite place but wouldn’t dare to do so.

Effects of Ketu in Each Zodiac Sign

Ketu in Aries - in ninth house makes the native believe in himself. He will be courageous and sincere in putting efforts. If Ketu doesn’t have a benefic aspect here, the person has to struggle a lot yet the quality of Aries would not let him quit. He would keep struggling. Such people believe less in luck but karma. This person exhibits selfish nature.

Ketu in Taurus – in ninth house is not a very good placement. Taurus has the qualities of hard working people without much desire for results. When Ketu is in ninth, they put efforts but success is not their story and neither do they care. Such people like Aries have not  been found believing in God.

Ketu in Gemini - in ninth house is an interesting combination. Ketu is considered debilitated by some in this zodiac sign. Gemini is Mercury’s sign and while some astrologers consider it good here the others have call it tough for achieving success. I think Ketu doesn’t like Gemini as the qualities of Ketu and Gemini are quite different.

Ketu in Cancer - in ninth house could cause mental issues for the native. By this I don’t mean serious mental disorders but mental stress or problems on emotional front. Cancer is the sign of emotional people. Changing moods of cancer causes conflict with nature of Ketu hence problems are recorded.

Ketu in Leo - in ninth house would make one interested in occult sciences however success in materialistic affairs would not be an easy task for him. Religious practices would not be his choice but learning about the unknown would impress him.

Ketu in Virgo - in ninth house could be interesting. Virgo is intelligent but shy while Ketu loves isolation. Also, Ketu is considered good in pisces and Virgo is the opposite sign where generally Rahu is said to be at home. Such people have made success after a lot of struggle.

Ketu in Libra - in ninth house is seen to have produced moderate results. Libra is a sign where most planets are happy to be in. Even the Sun that is considered to be debilitated in Libra has produced good results for some in this sign. Libra has a rational approach, it is the sign of a benefic planet i.e. Venus. Struggle still not ruled out, the person could achieve success in life here. A balanced approach is indicated.

Ketu in Scorpio - in ninth house could be a great thing to have in a horoscope. Such a person would have strong influence for religious practices or spirituality. The difference here would be the mode of practice. Though he would like indulging in spiritual affairs he might like doing it his own way. Traditional manners even if he follows would be different from others.

Ketu in Sagittarius - in ninth house is again a great combination although different from Ketu in Scorpion in the ninth. Scorpio likes mysteries and Sagittarius is like the old gurukul system of India. While Sagittarius has it for athletic abilities, it also is involved in spiritual matters.

Ketu in Capricorn - in ninth house would make one respect religion but not a follower necessarily. Results would be obtained after lot of hard work. Capricorn sign should be carefully analyzed. Even the slightest of malefic effect could spoil the good results. Similar is true with Scorpio to some extent.

Ketu in Aquarius - in ninth house has produced mixed results as per my experience. Saturn’s slow and patient approach when mixes with Ketu’s features, it makes a person understand the worldly affairs. The person gets to know how to tackle the world. Even though struggle is evident here as well, the person would know how to beat that down.

Ketu in Pisces - in ninth house is important as Ketu is a planet that is related to moksha and so is Pisces being the twelfth sign of zodiac. Ketu likes to be in Pisces. Regarding spiritual matters Ketu could produce some successful effects here.  

Ninth house is considered for religious aspects, support that an individual gets in his life, devotion, charity etc. In South India, it is also considered for father. North Indian astrologers consider tenth house of horoscope for father. Some astrologers believe both the houses should be considered for father. In my experience, I first look at the tenth house for father, then at the ninth house. Sometimes ninth house has also produced good results yet I rely on the tenth house mostly while considering father related questions.

It must be remembered that while considering any particular position or aspect in astrology, the other related combinations, positions, yoga, karaka, lords etc. should also be considered.

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