Seventh - Second House of a Horoscope and Married Life

Significance of Seventh - Second House of a Horoscope and Married Life

Marriage is an important event and it can't be reversed. For a happy married life, horoscope matching should be done carefully. While most of them rely only on Guna Matching, planets and positions should also be matched for a happy married life.

A lady told me that her bad time started from the day she got married. I looked at her horoscope and found that her seventh house, seventh house lord, second house, second house lord and the planets posited in the second and seventh houses were not strong enough for a happy married life.

She and her husband shared some violent arguments. Though he would not drink yet the relation between both of them had become such that none of them would look at each other. Twice it happened that the husband dropped his wife to her mother’s house for separation but the parents and the intermediaries could somehow manage to unite them.

Third time he asked for divorce. While the case is still in the court, they both are finally living separately. Girl’s parents have given her a separate room where she lives with her children as a tenant.

She earns for herself and her children leading a below poverty line lifestyle. Why all this happened?

Date of birth is 26/3/1973, time 00:30 hrs and place of birth is Gwalior (India). Ascendant is Saggitarius with Rahu posited there. Ascendant lord in the second house with Mars in Capricorn. While some might argue this as a good yoga, it doesn’t seem to be in this case. Mars exalted in second house is also the twelfth house lord. The voice of this lady is harsh which was one of the causes of separation.

Seventh house lord Mercury is in the third house in the sign of a planet that is posited in the sixth house. Ketu is posited in the seventh house. Venus, the sixth house lord and the karaka (some consider Jupiter for ladies) yet important planet, is the sixth house lord and posited exalted in the fourth house. While Venus loves to be in the fourth house, its closeness to the sun would not yield very good results.

As a final outlook, the second house is occupied by malefic planets and a not so strong Jupiter, second house lord in the sixth house, seventh house occupied by Ketu, seventh house lord in the third house and Moon in the twelfth house debilitated. So many yogas happening confirm that this lady should have matched her horoscopes carefully. When I asked her she told me that they never bothered about horoscopes during marriage discussions.

Seventh house is for marriage partner and second house is for family. Since both these aspects are important for a married life, both these houses and the related aspects should be considered carefully before making any final decisions.

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