Doctor Can See Your Body, Astrologer Your Soul

Role of Astrologer in One's Life

You may need to tell a doctor about the status of your health but not to an astrologer about your problems. If you have the correct birth details, the astrologer would certainly know what you are up to. Sometimes even minute observations such as a weak moon or badly afflicted sun could reveal your secrets that no one else knew.

A few days ago I was analyzing the horoscope of a man who was complaining about the ill treatment of his relatives. He said he would fight for respect within family and that all his so called family members were against him. When I said it could be your attitude that is causing them to believe the same thing about you. He said, “You saw my Mars, right. But you are wrong. I treat them well”.

I did not argue with him on that.

It was true I had his Mars in mind but it was not only Mars. If you know Hindu principles of astrology, you would know that there are several factors to be taken into account before making a statement. This gentleman would have heard from somewhere about Mars and reacted that way.

Now, the people are very smart these days. They have knowledge of everything. They go to several astrologers online and in person and learn something from everywhere. Internet is there to help them on several occasions thanks to the mobile devices. They think they were getting helped but in reality they were spoiling themselves by creating more and more confusion in their minds.

Astrology is about applying logic and how to apply that depends on individual astrologer. There are certain basic principles that need to be followed and after that it is up to the astrologer to research and develop his own techniques.

The surprise element is more while analyzing the horoscopes of people we know. Their horoscope is very different than they appear to be. Which is why I believe a doctor can seen your body but an astrologer can see your soul, mind and brain, two of which being still non-located by scientists.

That does not mean however to reveal the past of a person to prove your expertise. What do I get if I expose the extramarital affair of a lady who has now crossed 60 years of her age? The purpose of astrology is beyond personal (material or emotional) benefits. The purpose is the well being of others. By that I do not mean it is for free as many of them would say: -

A true astrologer does it for free!

Not in most cases! If he/she doesn’t want material, the desire could be to achieve name, fame and success which again are forms of personal benefit.

The others are not confident enough in charging for their efforts.

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