Mars in Tenth House and Married Life

Importance of Mars in Married Life in 10th House

Lot has been talked upon Mars in the tenth house of horoscope and career aspects. I thought there should be some article on Mars in the tenth house and married life. How does tenth house relate to married life? It relates.

Tenth house is the ninth house from the second house and fourth house from the seventh. Second house if for family and seventh house is for marriage. Malefic planets in the tenth house will be good for career but not for married life.

Why good for career and not for married life?

Career for many people would mean success in the worldly affairs. Worldly affairs these days require lot of manipulation and managing people/events by hook or by crook which is not what Jupiter or Moon would like. Mercury however does that very well. Mars in the tenth house would make person bold, cruel, rash, looking for money, egoistic and the one who would like to rule.

If that happens to be in the horoscope of a female native, it could be an interesting combination.

If Mars in the tenth house for such native was strong enough it could be tough. It would depend on the partner in that case on how to manage with strong Mars in the tenth house of her horoscope.

This Mars is fond of praise. You can control him/her by this one and only method. Controlling them by aggression is out of question. With respect to marriage, Mars in the tenth house of horoscope would bring restlessness and ego clashes in relations if not well supported. Well supported means having aspect of benefic planets or combining with benefic planets.

General Opinion

Tenth house is usually referred for fame, dignity, self-respect, traveling foreign lands, career, occupation and father among other aspects of life. Mars has always been an important planet for relationships and marriage but became extremely popular due to the so called Mangalik(a) dosh(a). I have seen people making or rejecting marriages based on just this one planetary position.

Interestingly, this Manglik dosh has nothing to do with Mars in the tenth house of horoscope. Why? The basis of Manglik dosh(a) is the aspect and position of Mars with respect to the seventh and second house of horoscope usually considered for a happy married life. My question is why they don’t consider other malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu and Ketu or even the Sun in the seventh house as alarming position in a horoscope.

Yesterday in a book I read a combination, “If Sun is in the ascendant in Virgo and Saturn in Pisces in the seventh, the partner doesn’t live long”. Now, I don’t have any experience with respect to this particular combination but the ancient literature has it.

In the horoscope of Salman Khan, Mars in the tenth house combines with Venus in Capricorn. To make the things further interesting, this is Aries ascendant. Salman Khan had many affairs (as per media gossips) but none could become her wife. If the details that I have are correct, there is Leo in the tenth house in navamsa chart.

Astrology is not just about a particular combination. It would depend on several other factors to reach some conclusion but the basic is almost the same for many astrologers. For example in Indian Classical Music, a raga has some basic details which is fixed and it would depend on the singer how he/she to bring variation.


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