Third House in Birth Chart (Horoscope) - Astrology of Houses

Third House in Birth Chart (Horoscope) - Astrology of Houses

People related to astrology (astrologers and the clients) would generally focus on trikonas, kendra sthanas and the trik sthanas however the third house of birth chart has its own importance in astrology.

Third house, though not discussed seriously by some, is still a very important house in any birth chart or horoscope. I know a lady who used to get afraid when in the dark or at general issues that the others would usually take lightly. This lady had Virgo in the ascendant, Third house empty, and the third house lord Mars in the eleventh debilitated in Cancer.

She would easily get afraid. It was not easy to get rid of fear for her until she tried some remedial measures. Third house could reveal some of the most important facts of your life. It could reveal the lifestyle and how successful a person would be in his life.

Third house is for younger brother or sister, neighbors, small journeys, courage, writing abilities, left ear and several other factors.

It is important as it is eighth house to eighth house from the ascendant. It is seventh house from the ninth. Planets here would definitely impact your bhagya sthana. It is ninth house to the seventh, second house to the second and so on.

Mars is for bravery, courage, fighting spirit, friends and younger brother/sister mainly amongst several other factors. Interestingly what Mars represents, most of it is also represented by the third house. Mars is hence called the karaka for third house.

Bravery has its importance still, yet I have seen people with Mars in the third misusing their abilities. In the ancient times bravery had as scope for development, training and reward. These days, it is not only bravery that is required. You already know that if courage is shown on road what would happen.

Courage is an important feature however different planets show courage differently. While Mars would react instantly to forget, Saturn would seldom forget and would keep coming back for any chance. Do not confuse this with revenge. Revenge though related is an entirely different thing.

Venus doesn’t like to fight. It will give the courage to take the people along. Sun would give the courage to rule others. It should be noted that the definition of ruling others has also changed with time. As a general rule, malefic planets like to be there in the third house. With time the role of planets like Mercury and Venus has also become important here.

Third house is a house seventh from the ninth house i.e. opposite the bhagya sthana. Logic supposed to be is that the courageous would get support of the luck. While ninth house is Dharma Sthana, Third house is Parakrama Sthana. Mars doesn’t yield very good results in the ninth house. It is not religious by nature.

 Planets, aspects and astrological combinations happening around the third house should be studies as carefully as the other houses.

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